Air Popped. NOT Oil Popped

Going into this, we knew it would be challenging. The usual popcorn seasonings to do not stick to hot-air popped popcorn, because there’s no oil on the popcorn for the powder to stick to! To get it right, we had to develop our own special techniques.

The company was named in honor of Gene’s dad who was called “Pop Pop” by Gene’s children. Since the tradition has continued with Gene being called “Pop Pop” by grandchildren, it seemed natural to name the company Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Treats (d/b/a Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Popcorn).

How did we get our start?

Gene & Patty McFarland are the proud owners of Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Treats, LLC, D/B/A Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Popcorn. The amazing journey of our venture began in 2010 when one of Patty’s daughters asked for Peanut Butter popcorn for her birthday. Patty was out of work and back in college to finish her education. Selling popcorn seemed like an open door to earn extra cash till the job market opened up. Since an oil popper was too expensive, we bought a $20 air popper. We had NO IDEA what we were doing! Through MANY hours of research, hunting for answers about how to coat air-popped popcorn, and experimentation, we learned to create delightfully flavored popcorn.

Thanks For Poppin’ By! 😊

Handcrafted Flavors

No matter which homemade flavor we’re creating, doing things the right way means putting in the extra hours to pack as much flavor as possible into every bite, all while getting that perfect crunch from every popped kernel. We’re always coming up with new and sometimes whacky flavors, but we’re never straying away from our commitment to keeping our popcorn as cheesy as our sense of humor.

We use healthy ingredients as often as possible.

Local and Healthy Ingredients

We don’t use pre-mixed, poured-on, or shake-on toppings.

We say ‘no’ to high fructose corn syrup and other additives that are not healthy, and say ‘yes’ to using the best and most healthy ingredients that we can. Each of our ingredients and flavors is thoroughly researched, just-for-you.

Also, our popcorn kernels are locally grown.

Made From Scratch

There are no pre-made bases; every batch is made from “scratch.” Some of our candy-coated toppings incorporate natural food flavors. Currently, we only use peanut butter for some recipes. But rest assured, lots of care is taken to prevent cross-contamination of allergens. We make sure to take allergies very seriously and continue to look out for your well being.